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Do Squats Make You Gain Weight? – Your Ultimate Guide to Squats



If you’re looking to gain weight and really transform your physique and take it to the next level, squats simply must form a part of your everyday routine.


When it comes to training and working out, squats are considered, by far, to be some of the most physically demanding and intense exercises you could ever wish to perform.

When you consider the fact that there are so many different variations to choose from, and indeed, just how effective they are for building muscle, it’s easy to see why so many people perform them on a weekly basis.


Those who are new to squatting may wonder whether squats allow you to gain weight, and it is this, along with much more, which we’ll be addressing below.


Here is your ultimate guide to squats.


Do squats make you gain weight?


If you’re looking to bulk up and add muscle mass to your frame, squats are the perfect compound exercise for you to perform as they do promote muscle growth.


Squats are a compound exercise which means that they recruit multiple muscle groups simultaneously as the exercise is being performed.

Squats are the ultimate lower body exercise as they work the hamstrings, the quads, your glutes, and even your calves.


There is also evidence to suggest that squats promote the production and secretion of hormones such as GH (growth hormone) and testosterone, which are both androgenic, anabolic hormones which enable the body to produce more lean muscle tissue.


Why do squats make you gain weight?


There are many variations of squats out there to choose from, yet the most popular and arguably the most common is the barbell back squat, which is what we’ll be focussing on in today’s article.


As mentioned prior, squats are a compound exercise that work several muscle groups all at the same time when you perform them. T

his is very conducive when it comes to muscle hypertrophy because essentially you’re working several major muscle groups all at the same time with just one exercise. 

Squats primarily work the lower body which is why they’re performed on leg days, but there is also evidence to suggest that squats could help you to build a bigger upper body, and it’s all down to hormone productions. 

HGH is the primary hormone used by the body for muscle growth and repair, along with testosterone.

Studies have found that heavy resistance training can lead to increases in the production of Human Growth Hormone and testosterone, and that squats have been found to be the most efficient exercise for stimulating hormone productions.

The more of these hormones you are producing, the more lean muscle mass you will build and the more efficient your workouts will become.


What are the key benefits of squats? 

As you can see, squats are the perfect exercise for people who are looking to build muscle, especially on their legs and lower bodies, but what else can squats do?


Here are several key benefits of squats:


Burn calories


Despite squats making you bigger in the form of muscle growth, they can also assist with weight loss, which is ideal for people who are looking to burn body fat and become leaner.


Because squats are such a physically demanding compound exercise, they are ideal for fat loss. Research has found that squatting burns, on average, 35 calories every single minute which is actually a more impressive calorie burn ratio than steady state cardio performed on a treadmill.


As you add more weight to your squat, the intensity of the exercise increases which in turn results in your metabolism being forced to increase to provide your body with the energy it needs to perform the exercise in the first place.


Great for the lower body


Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits associated with squats, is the fact that squats have been found to be so fantastic for the lower body.


As mentioned, when you perform a squat you are working your hamstrings, your quads, your glutes, and your calves, which will help to give you a lean, muscular, and defined set of legs, and butt.


Squats are considered the ultimate lower body exercise and if you really want to bring up your legs, squats need to become a part of your training routine, it’s that simple.


Squats will make you stronger


Want to leg press more weight? Make sure you’re squatting. Want to bench press more weight? Make sure you’re doing squats!


It doesn’t matter which exercises you want to improve upon, if you’re looking to increase your strength levels, squats are an exercise that you simply must be doing on a regular basis, no matter what.


Squats are a compound exercise which means that you’re working more muscles as you perform them. The more muscles you work, the stronger they will become. Squats also strengthen your core which is where you generate the majority of your power from, so the stronger your core, the more power you will be able to generate.


Squats are very functional


In terms of functional fitness, you’d struggle to find a more functional exercise than squats.


A functional exercise is basically an exercise which is deemed functional outside of the gym as part of everyday life.

When you consider the fact that you squat down multiple times each day, whether it’s to sit down, pick something up, tie your laces, or anything else, you can see why squats are considered the king of the functional exercises.


Final thoughts


So, with that, we’ll bring proceedings to a close today. As you can see, squats not only make you gain weight in the form of lean muscle, they can also assist with weight loss, functional fitness, and a whole lot more besides.


Put very simply, squats are amongst the best exercises you could ever wish for, so if you aren’t yet squatting when training on a regular basis, after reading this today, hopefully you’ll put that right.

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